Send a unique Birthday card to a friend

Another way to wish a Happy Birthday is sending a animated birthday card directly from the web site kisseo. There are dozens of interesting happy birthday cards for free and you just have to choose one and send it over the internet.

As soon as you chose the one that you want to change, write an e-mail address of the recipient and add your personal information as well.

Captura de pantalla completa 29062014 075808 p.m..bmpYou could even program the card to arrive on the date and time that is best, and that way you make sure you will not forget to send it on time.

Link: Send a Birthday Card


Beautiful Thanks Giving cards

Use this weekend to make sure you send a nice Thanks Giving card to your friends and family before the actual date. It is a great time to express your nice thoughts and feelings to the people you love. The site poetrysync has some very beautiful Thanks Giving cards with a nice variety of designs for all tastes. To use them, just save the image on your computer and send it via e-mail or Facebook to your friends.

thanks giving