Top Emo bands of 2014

There are top ten lists for everything and this time we want to share the top 10 for emo bands in the world. You will probably agree with some of them, or perhaps you would like to add some other names to the list, please do! leave us a message and let us know what you think.

Mean while, here is the top ten list of Emo bands:

  • Black Veil Brides
  • My Chemical Romance
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Paramore
  • Escape the Fate
  • Bullet for My Valentine
  • Falling In Reverse
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Evanescence

Create your own Emo avatar

This is one of the best Emo avatar makers of the web. Once you go through the ads and the first stages of the avatar maker, you get to choose the hair style and color, eyes, nose, ears, mouth and body type, clothes and accessories.

Captura de pantalla completa 29052014 084756 p.m..bmpAt the end you get your Emo avatar that you can use on your Facebook profile, or any other social network, share it with friends or just keep it for you. It is easy, it is free, and it is fun, Try it!


5 Emo love pics for Facebook

Every artist has its own way of depicting love, and even when we are talking about Emo Love this is the same. Take a look to the following 5 emo love pics and you will see that every image has its own style. If you want more emo pictures, check out the web site fanpop you can also see some other themes, wallpapers, icons, avatars and many other resources that I am sure you will find interesting.


Emo Facebook

Download free Emo covers for Facebook

Emo style is more than a looks, it is a way of thinking that fills your life completely. Then, it is only logical that you want to have a Emo cover to personalize your Facebook profile. Go to BestEmoCoversForTimeline on Facebook, press the I LIKE bottom and look over the dozens of Emo Covers that they have created for you. New covers are upload regularly and the best of all, is that it is all free.


Emo Makeup for school in 5 steps

Is not easy looks like the emo people that we saw on television, concerts, pictures and social networks, because they are professional on the emo makeup. If you want to learn how to do awesome goth makeup for school, you should do click below. Be the bad girl in the school break. First you should wash your face and later you need to do click in the link below. Be the best emo girl in the neighborhood.

emo Makeup for school in 5 steps emos


More than 100 pictures of Emo Girls Hairstyles

The emo pictures shows different people with dark and colorful clothes inspire in the emo culture that is very famous in the entire world. The emo people have a characteristic hairstyle, but you can choose different colors and cuts for use in the school and university routine. In the link below you can choose a lot of pictures with Emo Girls Hairstyles.

More than 100 pictures of Emo Girls Hairstyles 2013


Emo love pictures with different styles for Facebook

The emo culture have different resources for share and download on Internet. In this site we have a lot of compilations of emo pictures for all of you for use on Facebook, forums, blogs and on another social sites on the web. Now we share with you emo love pictures with different styles for Facebook. Do click in the gallery below.

1 Emo love pictures emo love pics 2013 pictures


Pictures of Bullet for My Valentine for Facebook

Bullet for My Valentine is a very famous Welsh heavy metal band from Bridgend. This band formed in 1998 and is composed of Matthew Tuck, vocals, rhythm guitar, Michael Paget, lead guitar, Jason James, bass guitar, and Michael Thomas playing drums. We have pictures of this band for all of you.

1 Bullet for My Valentine pictures lot of pics 2013 gallery


Gothic pictures dark and beautiful for share

The gothic art is very dark and beautiful at the same time. This is why the pictures with gothic characters and landscapes are very popular on the Internet. The beauty and the darkness appear in all the images below. Do click in all of them and share with your friends on Facebook and on another social networks.

1 Gothic pictures dark and beautiful dark emo


Emo hearts with different styles for share on Facebook

The hearts are the symbol of emo culture and of emo people because show the sadness and prove that all of us we can be injured for love. Now we share with all of you a compilation of emo hearts for use on Facebook and for share on the internet. Enjoy all of them my friends.

1 emo hearts compilation 2013 hearts emo love