Spooky photo of ghosts

One of the most famous ghost pictures take is The Brown Lady, which was taken in England in 1936. When you see the photograph you get goose bumps, it is really a spooky picture of a clear ghost and it is completely real.

You may wonder how these ghost pictures are taken, or how a person is able to capture a spirit on film. There is no correct answer, there is a combination of various factors that create a scary scene.

ghostsTake a look to these 13 pictures of ghost and draw your on conclusions. There are some that look fake, but they aren’t, or at least the a pretty good examples of a manipulated pic.

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Creepy photos of ghosts wandering around

What is it about ghosts that makes us so afraid to turn off the lights? if they really exist, they live in another dimension and they cannot touch us, or could they? In any case, we are afraid of what we don’t understand and don’t see. We can just feel the presence of these spirits and sometimes we can get them to appear on some weird and creepy photo.

article-2188507-148BF132000005DC-514_634x421Check out these ghosts pictures and decide if they are for real or just a great photo manipulation. Every pic is known to be a real one.

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The most amazing ghost pictures ever taken

Nowadays, there are many photo editing programs that allow manipulating digital images to create great ghost pictures. However, there are some pictures that are widely known to be real representations of ghost, and that are truly scary. You can see some of these pictures in Paranormal Phenomena. Some of these pictures were taken in places that you would believe to be haunted but that for some reason a strange paranormal phenomenon is actually happening. Check them out, see it for yourself and let us know if you find something fake about them.

lord combermere
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Funny pictures of people freaking out in a haunted house

The Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house in Niagara Falls is the most terrifying place in the entire world. If you don’t believe me, see the pictures of the Flickr page of Fear Factory haunted house, sure you laugh a lot. In the link below you can access of a free gallery with a lot of people freaking out in a haunted house. These pictures are perfect for share on Facebook and laugh a lot with all your friends.

People freaking out in a haunted house 2013

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100 creepy horror and beautiful wallpapers

The horror pictures show us different creatures and ghosts that horrifying our computer and our friends. A lot of people love use different horror pictures like wallpapers in their computers, tablets and smartphones HD. The wallpapers are inspirational, elegant, stylish and beautiful, but included horror art details and different creepy characters.

DCF 1.0

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Real and scary ghost videos for enjoy all the night

The ghost maybe lives inside our houses or maybe in the neighbor old house that makes estrange noises at night. A lot of people believe in ghosts and some guys take their cameras and film the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom searching for spirits. In the link below you can enjoy real ghost videos. You should do click in the link for visit the ultimate source for scary ghost videos and ghost documentaries.

scary ghost videos for enjoy all the night 2013

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Best real ghost pictures with all the details and history

In the night the house is lonely and the silence invades the bedroom, the kitchen and the backyard. But, in the midnight we listen some steps very soft and we scream like little girls. Don’t worry, is only the dog. The ghosts maybe are real, maybe not. This is why we share with you some incredible real ghost pictures and the equally remarkable stories behind. These pictures will convince you of the reality of ghosts.

Best real ghost pictures history pics scared

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Pictures with scary monsters and awful creatures

In the night in our bedroom the scary monsters walk into the room and search for people for scare and later they run. These creatures are very awful and a lot of people search for pics with these monsters. Do click in all the pictures below for download on the PC and share of Facebook.

1 Pictures with scary monsters creatures pics 2013

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Scary pictures with ghosts in cemeteries

In the night the people hears scary noises on the cemeteries like screams and sounds of anguish but nobody is in there. They are the ghost that flies around the tombs scaring all the visitants and all the people around. Enjoy this pictures on the night my friends and share on Facebook.

1 Scary pictures with ghosts in cemeteries 2013 pics horror

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Funny and artistic ghosts pictures and digital creations

The ghost appears in the abandoned houses and on cemeteries for scared the living people and be happy in the free time. In the gallery we have a lot of pictures with scary and funny ghost artistic pictures special for share on the social networks like Facebook. Be happy with the compilation my friends.

4 Gothic art pictures with different styles 2013 art pics

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