Say good bye with a funny meme

In a  lifetime there are dozens of people that will come and go, some you will remember dearly and some will be a relief to see them go. In any case, you may say goodbye with a funny meme that will lighten the mood and create good vibes for those to go.

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Sad anime images and quotes

This is a special post for anime lovers. Some of them are just images with sad anime quotes and others are wallpapers for your desktop and cellphone screen. All of these anime images are high quality and are free but if you are going to share it with a friend, please don’t forget to give credit to the creator of the anime drawing. The image dimensions vary among of 500 x 391 pixels and 209 x 221 pixels.

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Goodbye poems for your good friends

One thing is certain in life and that is change. We constantly need to adapt to change and new things coming. The best way to do it is to understand that there will be people that will leave you at some point, and some other that will come new to your life. When that happens, just send a goodbye poem to your leaving friend and go on.

dhdhThere are three web sites where you can find great farewell poems and goodbye love poems:

  1. Goodbye love poems: short poems that you can give to a love one.
  2. Farewell poems
  3. Goodbye poems by teens

Goodbye love poems in pictures for share

The poetry is a good way to express different feeling with beautiful words and with a lot of sweetness. This is why we have a compilation of love poems for express our feeling in the difficult moments. All the poems have goodbye texts for share on Facebook and for express your emotions.

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