Creepy cupcakes for Halloween

Most people love cupcakes; they are small tasty and colorful. It is a great treat for mornings and a nice way to celebrate any special ocasion. Here are some ideas of Halloween cupcakes decorations that are creepy but funny and cute.


You may get the best ideas from this cupcakes examples and crete your own, You just need a little time and creativity and something horribly nice will come out.


More than 150 Photoshop Brushes for Halloween

Just few days for the scariest night in the year!!! For sure you will need some help designing invitations for your Halloween Party, or decoring your office. That is why we found tishese amazing collection of Photoshop Brushes C5 for free. Download them and create a wonderful creepy design and impress your friends or colleges. On these extense collection you will find phantoms, bones, crips, blod, creepy trees and houses and bats, among many others.

Design Pictures

The greatest Halloween nail art

Prepare yourself for Halloween and get the most out of it. At flavorwire you will find the 25 greatest nail design ever seen. Some of them are actually disgusting, with some blood and funny aspect. Others have incredible portrays of Frankenstein, Zombies, Dracula and other interesting movie characters, such as Freddy Krueger and Jason from Halloween Movie, among others.


The best Halloween Memes 2013

It is truly to early to blog a Halloween post! It is coming very fast and you have to be prepared. Halloween is more than a fun day, it is also a time to be crazy, relax and leave open a door to be whoever you want. Halloweenmemes in Facebook has the biggest collection of memes completely free. Begin having fun with these special memes and publish them on your Facebook wall!

Design Pictures

Last minute ideas for a Halloween custom

Halloween is getting closer and many people don’t have the time to go pick up a Halloween custom for the party or trick or treat night. If you are having troubles choosing one, or don´t have neither the time nor the money, here are 15 great and easy last minute Halloween face paint ideas. You just need some face paint and some help to make great designs on your face.