Interesting pictures of actors behind the scenes

When you see a movie you don’t want to imagine the behind scenes, it is just better to live the story and leave the questions to another time. We want to share with you interesting pictures of actors and actresses behind the scenes. Some of them will give you a different idea from the movie story and they are great to put everything on perspective.

07My personal favorite is the one with Leonardo de Caprio and Kate Winslet on Titanic. It is a great picture of behind the scenes.


The scariest horror movie weapons

I always wonder what the writer was thinking when he or she created some of the most horrible movies ever made. It is very interesting to get inside the minds of these people and watch for a second the train of thoughts they are having at these moments of creation.

The horror movies are a compilation of scary moments and horrible weapons use to kill all the characters on the story.

Horror Pictures

10 Horror movie killers

The most important character of a horror movie is the monster or the killer. He or she is the one who creates all the tension in the movie and without this character it would be only a boring movie. So, now, who are your favorite horror movie characters?

indexFor me, my favorite is Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, but there are so many others. Check out the list of the top 10 horror movie killers and let us know your favorite.