Top Emo bands of 2014

There are top ten lists for everything and this time we want to share the top 10 for emo bands in the world. You will probably agree with some of them, or perhaps you would like to add some other names to the list, please do! leave us a message and let us know what you think.

Mean while, here is the top ten list of Emo bands:

  • Black Veil Brides
  • My Chemical Romance
  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Paramore
  • Escape the Fate
  • Bullet for My Valentine
  • Falling In Reverse
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Asking Alexandria
  • Evanescence

Music mixing apps to create your own playlists

Now, having a playlist is not enough, you can have a DJ deck and create your own mixes, and share them with other people. These are the best music mixing apps specially created for music lovers. Take a look and choose the one that gives you the most out of your favorite pieces:

  1. djayDjay –  Paid app
  2. VirtualDJ Home – Free app
  3. Traktor DJ – Paid app (small fee)
  4. Edjing – Free app
  5. Cross DJ – Paid app

Incredibox: Create your own music

Express your musicality with the online app: Incredibox. The first time you use it you do not need to register, just choose among the three characters and then create music choosing from a selection of 5 different tunes, effects, melody, chorus and voices. It is so easy, it only has three basic steps to create music. Incredibox is an amazing online app, try it!



Listen to the forest and relax

In these stressful times it is necessary to stop and relax at some point in life. Many researches state that meditation is the best way to quite the mind and become healthier and happier. Take a few minutes to listen to the forest, the little animals and the sound of the wind. If you truly like it, you may buy the CD, but try it first and have fun relaxing and becoming more in contact with yourself.



Download Royalty free music

How many times have you upload a video in YouTube and Vimeo and it has been erased because of the music used on the video? You can avoid this by searching on the royalty free music library on the web site “Stock Music Site” and downloading the song that you like the most. That way, your videos will be safe and other people may see them with no problem.


Design Tribals

25 Music tattos desings

Before getting a tattoo, you got to be certain that you are getting exactly what you want, and that the design chosen really represents one of your passions. Music is a passion for many people, and they live through music so deeply that getting a tattoo with a music related theme is just a normal thing to do. Don’t decide to do anything before you see in our gallery the best music tattoos design ever made. You will probably find very good ideas and be happy with your tattoo.
music tattoo


Greennoise, the sound of the tropical forest

Everyone knows that the world is changing and environmental problems have been increasing a lot. However, there are many groups of people working towards a common good cause. An example of this is the developers of Greennoise, who through showing the tropical and specificaly the rain forest, people would understand the value of them. When you visit the web page of Greennoise, you will hear the best sounds of nature recorded directly from the Rain Foresto of Costa Rica. Try and see what you feel.


Galactic experience with HD sound and virtual images

This is one of the most incredible videos that I ever seen, a full galactic experience published in YouTube to watch at night or with the lights off and the curtains closed. The darkness of the room and this video makes you travel into a galactic experience with virtual space images and HD sound. This video is the expression of the intimate encounter with the whole universe and the direct connection with the stars and the vast galaxy.

space galaxy videos youtube pics earth


Teen Pop Top Radio Stations 2013 for listen all day

Now we share with you a very special link that you can do click to enjoy a compilation of free online radios with the best teen music in the 2013. We are talking about Teen Pop Top Radio Stations 2013 for listen all day. Enjoy the best teen music in the free time in the PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet, PlayStation and in all the devices with Internet connection.

Teen Pop Top Radio Stations 2013 magazine


Tree hours of galaxy virtual images with HD relaxation music

The galaxy is infinite and we can travel ours and ours, days and days, millions of years of traveling without stop for the enormous, infinite, galaxy. This is the concept about this 3 hour and half video, with HD quality 1080p, perfect for the big Samsung televisions or the gigantic PC screens that are very common in our houses. Enjoy the music, and take a travel for the infinite space, the enormous and beautiful galaxy.

galaxy relax music travel hd 1080