Top 3 friendship poems online

Friendship is one of the most valuable things we have in our lives. A good friend lasts forever, even when time or place drifts us apart. That’s why we wanted to share some poems about friendship with you.

Take a look at our selection of poems about friendship and share one with those who you really consider your friends. It’s never too late to show a friend your love, because time does not stop and the friends you have near today, may be away tomorrow.


Short love poem to send by text messages

Some people say that to keed the flame of love you have to really work on it. Falling in love is easy but to keep that feeling through rutine, work, family and time is very hard. That is why the little details are so important; sending flowers, a text message, a little kiss or just a love poem over the phone may do the difference between one day an another.

IMG_0726Take a look the following little poems long enough to send over the cell phone. Poemhunter is a site where you can find the best love poems shared by people that have the talent and the feeling to create little pieces of written art.


The most beautiful love poems

When we are in love, everything seems to acquire a different color, everything is beautiful and we seem to be walking on clouds. Love is as beautiful as painful is a broken heart, but still we make our best to enjoy those times that we are head over heels.

indexDuring that time, why not share the most beautiful love poems found on the web. Share it on your Facebook, or send it to a love one.

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Goodbye poems for your good friends

One thing is certain in life and that is change. We constantly need to adapt to change and new things coming. The best way to do it is to understand that there will be people that will leave you at some point, and some other that will come new to your life. When that happens, just send a goodbye poem to your leaving friend and go on.

dhdhThere are three web sites where you can find great farewell poems and goodbye love poems:

  1. Goodbye love poems: short poems that you can give to a love one.
  2. Farewell poems
  3. Goodbye poems by teens

Discover new ways to surprise your love one

There is always a way to renew love and create new experiences as a couple. Something that will get you out of the routine and spice up your relationship, which will consequently give more happiness to both people. Some of the ways to surprise your love one are:

  • indexWrite love letter, leave a message on the cell phone, write a message on the fridge.
  • Send flowers, chocolates, or just a nice sticker over the internet
  • Cook dinner together or surprise your love one with a nice meal
  • Dedicate a song to your love one
  • Invite her family over (only if they have a good relationship)

Collection of Short Love Poems

When you are in love everything seems different and beautiful. Every little everyday task takes another meaning if you are having a great time with your love partner. One way to show your love and your deep feelings is through short love poems, which you can share on your Facebook wall, send via e-mail, or share through messaging or WhatsApp. At the Poetrypad you will find a great list of short love poems that you can use with not restrictions at all.


Big compilation of love poems for share with your love

The lovers do a lot of things like walk on the beach with the moon on top, play in the sand like child’s, enjoy the free time in romantic places like parks and the river. If you are in love you need have a link with a very special site with a big, very big, compilation of love poems for share with your lovers and with the special persons.

Big compilation of love poems anime pictures


Love poems for her for copy and paste on Facebook

The romance is important in the relationships because your girlfriend or wife enjoy all the sweet words that you write in mails, SMS or social networks walls, and in other sites. In the link below we share with you a compilation of love poems for her. All the texts are very romantic and you can copy and paste all on Facebook and on other social networks like Twitter. Do click in the link for copy and paste a lot of poems on the PC, mobile phones and tablets.

Love poems for her use on facebook


Romantic Love Poems for share on Android mobile phones

For build a solid relationship with another person you should share with these important guy or girl some sweets words for celebrate our love. All the couples search on Internet for romantic poems for share on the mobile phones. With this app we recommend today you can find and share the best Love Poems. You can find a lot of quotes for love, romance or friendship. Do click in the link below and share more than 1000 love quotes for Android.

Romantic Love Poems android mobile poems


Beautiful poems with anime pictures for share

The lovers enjoy share pictures on Facebook with beautiful poems and different texts to enjoy in the free time. This is why now we share with you a lot of beautiful poems with anime pictures for share on social networks, forums, blogs and on another sites on Internet. Enjoy the compilation and put a comment below.

1 Beautiful poems with anime pictures for share facebook