Horror artists and their art

Artists such as Ben Fenton, Tattoo Bob, Ashley Thorpe, Tanya Lane, Shawn Conn and Lana Barboza, among many others, have a great sense of what is truly scary. Their work depicts the horror of death, blood, killers, body parts and all the things that one person can imagine in the darkest place of their mind.


It is an art that is difficult to see for some, and very interesting for others. Each artists is presented with a little biography and their horror art. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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Bizarre photos of people with birth defects

Nature is amazing but sometimes it works on weird ways. For the people that are going to be shown on this pictures, nature have been almost a punishment.

Nevertheless, these birth defect are so interesting for science; they let specialist know all the possibilities and strange things that can happen with the human body.

20060907190741If you are a very sensitive person I advice that you don’t see this pictures, since they are a little harsh. If you want to watch them, you may be impress but these amazing people.

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Real and scary ghost videos for enjoy all the night

The ghost maybe lives inside our houses or maybe in the neighbor old house that makes estrange noises at night. A lot of people believe in ghosts and some guys take their cameras and film the bedroom, the kitchen or the bathroom searching for spirits. In the link below you can enjoy real ghost videos. You should do click in the link for visit the ultimate source for scary ghost videos and ghost documentaries.

scary ghost videos for enjoy all the night 2013

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Horror pictures for scare all your friends on Internet

In this moment all of you will feel a lot of panic and horror in our bodies because we have a big compilation of horror pictures for scare all your friends on Internet. These pictures are very artistic and horrifying, and a lot of Internet users will love all of them. Enjoy the pics my friends.

1 Horror pictures for scare all your friends 2013 horror

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Pictures with scary monsters and awful creatures

In the night in our bedroom the scary monsters walk into the room and search for people for scare and later they run. These creatures are very awful and a lot of people search for pics with these monsters. Do click in all the pictures below for download on the PC and share of Facebook.

1 Pictures with scary monsters creatures pics 2013

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Scary pictures with ghosts in cemeteries

In the night the people hears scary noises on the cemeteries like screams and sounds of anguish but nobody is in there. They are the ghost that flies around the tombs scaring all the visitants and all the people around. Enjoy this pictures on the night my friends and share on Facebook.

1 Scary pictures with ghosts in cemeteries 2013 pics horror

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