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Birthday wishes for your friends

Probably you are one of those people that won’t remember any birthday what so ever and need the help of Facebook to be able to remember important dates. If that is the case, you also probably never know what to write to wish a happy birthday. Your problems will be solved with Free E Cards, just pick the one that looks like the person you want to wish a Happy Birthday and send it with a nice message. I am sure the person will truly appreciate it and it will only take a couple of minutes.


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Great pictures with Happy Birthday wishes

Thanks to Facebook and even Skype, we have day notice of any birthday of a friends. I cannot even remember the time where you have to have all birth dates on your head so that you would forget any of them. But now, the question is: what to write other than “Happy Birthday”? perhaps something deeper in meaning or feeling and a little longer just to show your friends that you really care for them. To make your life easier take a look to the following birthday wishes and use them any time.



Over 100 Happy Birthday wishes

When someone special is celebrating their birthday, you must say something else than a simple and boring “Happy Birthday!!!”. What about if you use that special date to really wish that person something more elegant and a little more elaborated. For those of you who have trouble coming up with birthday wishes, there is a site that helps you with more than 100 options to choose from. Send the message that you like the most, over the mobile or Facebook, and you will make that person happy.

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Most popular Happy Birthday wishes quotes for your friends

When you send birthday SMS on your mobile phone, your friends smile a lot because are happy for your wishes. Is important to write original texts on your friends and family birthdays and this is why we recommend a site with a lot of Happy Birthday wishes quotes for all your friends and Facebook contacts. All the withes are very special and funny too, do click in the link below and send wishes on SMS, mail and social networks.

Happy Birthday wishes for friends compilation