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ASCII funnny faces list

ASCII is the name of a character code based upon the Latin alphabet. It was created in 1963 and nowadays is still used in the web to exchange several funny faces.

It can be considered the grandfather of emoticons and emojis. We are going to enlist the best and most used ASCII emoticons to make your chats funnier.


Top 5 most secluded beaches of the world

There are several beaches around the world where you can feel as if there was nothing else around. These kind of beaches are the most wanted for those travelers who enjoy calm and solitude, so we decided to enlist the Top 5 most secluded beaches around the planet. Visit these beaches if you really want to enjoy the magic of tranquility and ease.

1. La Sagesse Bay, Grenada

La Sagesse Bay is located only ten miles from Grand Anse beach resorts. It is a wonderful secluded bay with hiking trails and you can rest in the exclusive hotel and nature center, as well as enjoy the wonders of nature in a secluded space only 30 minutes from Maurice Bishop International Airport.


5 incredible videogames for Android to play in 2018

If you really like Android videogames and the mobile gaming experience, then you need to take into account these videogames. We recommend you the top 5 best Android games of 2018 for you to enjoy playing anywhere.

1. Blizzard Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft


Top 3 tallest monuments around the world

Whenever you travel around the world you want to know the most iconics points of view of the city. For that reason, we give you a tour around the most amazing and giant monuments ever built. These monuments are not the most renowned, but they are incredibly big.

3. Mao Zedong (China, Changsha)

The biggest Mao Zedong statue ever built. It is located in Orange Isle and it reaches 32 meters tall. It is a statue of the head of the great Chinese leader. The statue is made of more than 8000 pieces of granite and it took nearly two years to build it. The Chinese government built it in 2009 to commemorate the Chinese leader and his influence in world politics.


4 incredible Dragon Ball Super themes for Chrome

Dragon Ball Super is the last animation of the japanese franchise Dragon Ball. It allows fans to enjoy fight and adventures of Goku and his friends once more. Even though it is not as popular as Dragon Ball Z, the series has received a good amount of merchandising and related stuff for smartphones, videogames and clothes. If you want to bring Dragon Ball Super anywhere, then you can download these excellent themes to customize your Chrome web browser with the best characters and scenes from the anime series.

1. Goku’s Kame Hame Ha

The iconic skill of Son Goku. The Kame Hame Ha gathers the energy of the fighter in the palm of the hands to throw it against an enemy. You can use the theme for Chrome to have the Dragon Ball Super Goku launching his most famous attack.


7 funniest memes of 2017

The sense of humor never fades. It does not matter your age, if you like good jokes then you will still find something to laugh about even when you grow older. Memes in the Internet are a way of letting your laugh escape, and during 2017 there were several funny memes. We share with you 7 of the most hilarious memes we selected for the past year.

1. The final solution

If you want to solve any kind of problema you just have to release a pack of wolves. Start running, it is not a joke.


5 hilarious fall bloopers

There are some jokes that never get old. The falling bloopers are among those. It is almost an instinct, when you see someone falling, you laugh. Immediately you want to make sure that it was nothing serious, but the laugh is almost inevitable. So, we have decided to search on the Internet for the best videos of falls. We share them with you to fill your house with joy and laughing.

1. Reporting the falling

Live TV is one of the most hilarious scenarios for a falling. So we have searched along the footage uploaded to YouTube for the best fallings. Look at the two girls treading the grapes. It is obvious that one of them is going to fall. Which one?


3 videogames so hard that you will hate digital entertainment

There are certain videogames that are so difficult that you will hate the day you started playing them. As we love digital entertainment here at Lytum, we wanted to share with your our top 3 of hardest videogames ever. You will find some of the most iconic and hardest videogames ever designed. It does not matter if they belong to older systems, the main feature of all these titles is the difficulty.

3. Dark Souls

The videogame created by Hidetaka Miyazaki had one great objective: to set the new foundations for the action RPG genre. The idea of Dark Souls was to make the player feel realized by overcoming difficult battles and puzzles around a dark fantasy setting. Dark Souls is so hard that you will find the “YOU DIED” message even in the easiest battles at the beginning of the game. However, in Dark Souls death is not defeat. It is only a way to keep learning about the game and its universe.


5 videogames that changed history of the industry

In the history of videogames, as well as in other arts, there are several works that mark the beginning or the end of an era. In this Top 5 we are going to analyze the most important videogames of history and how they changed the way we play.

1. Pong (1972)

The first commercially successful arcade videogame of history sold thousands of cabinets. It is a very simple game where two players have to confront in digital table tennis. It was the game that changed home gaming forever.


Top 5 of anime fights in 2017

Anime in 2017 was full of surprises in shonen genre. If you like extreme fights, then you can have a good time watching this gallery with 5 of the best combats in 2017 anime shows. From Attack on Titans to My Hero Academia, we show you a glimpse of the best fights in anime in the year we are waving goodbye.

1. Midoriya vs. Todoki (My Hero Academia)

The most brutal fight in My Hero Academia season 2. The two characters have to sacrifice themselves in order to attain the power to put an end to the fight that makes the season worth watching.